DHS Class of 1979

35th Year Reunion

Hey Kids!

It's 35 years for us time-tested pioneers. No, there isn't a special party that we deliberately left you out of. No, nothing was planned....that I know of anyway.

HOWEVER, there will be dozens of us walking around bewildered at the Dearborn Homecoming Aug 1-3. Here is the web page that doesn't say a lot.


I guess we have a Miss Kellie Pickler as the headliner of the Home Coming entertainment. That's what I said too. Also, I'm just amazed at how many different ways folks come up with spellings for "Kelly".

So, we'll look to the 40th for a bash. Or maybe we'll stay a touch anti-establishment and throw a 37th just to mess with convention.

Yes, Miss Wolfe (100 this year) is still alive. Same for Mr. Russo and Mr. Gibb. Yes, all of our class couples that were married last time are still together.

No, not many of us have died. It turns out we're pretty tough. Lots and lots of beautiful grand kids. No, neither Sulisz nor I are keeping count. No, no one is in jail...as of this writing.

Yes, some of us are semi famous. Yes, Edsel had a 35th a few weeks ago. Yes, most of them have aged way worse than we have. Mark, you are actually frozen in time, but some those others....whew!

Take care. Take time to reach out and keep in touch. It matters.

Yours in all things orange and black.
Tim - DHS Class of '79 VP for life...and all its glory.